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Fee Policy

Fee Policy
- All Courses are subject for school fees

- All fees are payable in advance

- Registration fees are payable upon registration of any learner

-School fees are charge according to the qualification enrolled by the learner

- Total course fee is payable as long as the learner require to complete his/her qualification regardless of the learner attendance of school lessons.

- The period of learner enrollment does not affect the total course fee of the qualification.

- Payment of school fees should be done in the following methods: Full Payment of the total course fee or monthly installments (the total course fee spread within or after the course duration)

-All learners must pay first installment before commencement of a class in a situation where the learner option of payment method is installments.

-All fees are payable on the 1st of every month, the grace period will not be latter than 7th.

- Arrangement of school fees may be done with only the legal person responsible for the account.

- Arrangement of school fees must be done formal by signing of the Arrangement of school fee Form, no verbal Arrangement of school fees will be taken into account

-A levy of R50 penalty per month will be charged on all school fees of any account overdue from the 8th of the following month.

Learner cancelation policy

- All cancelation of qualification, subjects or enrollment must be done in formal, by submitting the letter of cancellation, stating the reason for cancelation as well as the date of cancellation

- Cancellation of enrollment must be done within 7 days from the date of registration.

- A refund of school fees would be paid to the learner, for cancellation done within 7 days of registration, if is applicable

- Cancellation fee of 20% must be paid on all enrollment cancellations

- In all cases the registration fees are not refundable,

- School fees or deposit paid to the college cannot be refunded after the 7 days of registration

- After 7 days of registration, if the learner attends any lesson, school fees of that very month and all previous fees must be paid before cancellation can be granted.

- All subject cancellation or changes must be done formally, by submitting a letter of cancellation or filling and submitting change of subject form, no verbal cancellation or change of subject will be taken into account.

- Cancellation of subject/s done after 7th of the very month must be subjected for fees for that month.

Refund Policy

No refund will be paid in the case of death, illness, injuries or cancellation after 7 days of registration of a student.

Cancellation can be done within 7 days of registration. For international students after the registration, should incase your visa is deny by the South African High commission your remittance will be return after deducting of current bank charges.

Payment may be made respectively into the college bank account. A non-refundable registration fee is payable by all students on registration. A deposit is also payable as per course, as specified. Fees vary according to the choice of your course.

The stipulated amount may be paid in cash or in installment as specified in the price list.Each monthly installment is due and repayable on or before the 31st every month.

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